Germanic Astronomy
An Attempt to Recover the
Old Heathen Constellations of Northern Europe

 by Peter Krüger
"Heathen stars stood above their heads, painted with ominous staves"
Sólarljóð 60


The High-Seat of the Gods
Capricorn: Heimdallr
The God with the Wet Back

The Eye of Odin

       Thor's Short-Handled Hammer


Virgo and Astrea:
Star-Maidens of the Eddas

Loki, the Salmon:
The Waterfall, the House with 4 Doors and the Net


Járnglófar/ Járngreipr
 Thor's Iron Gloves


Ophiuchus and Loki Bound

Scorpio: The Fenris Wolf
 The Hound of Hel and the River of Poison


Thor's Chariot and Goat Team

Völund: Wayland Star-Smith
  The Kneeling Man and
the Virgin with the Golden Ring


Freyr's Attributes:
 The Boar Gullinbursti and
Skidbladnir, the Finest Ship of All


and the Ring of Andvari

Freyja and her Necklace


Asgard's Wall:
 The Milky Way
Thor in Jötunheim

The Expedition to

Thor's Mightiest Foe

Thor battles Thrym 

And the Guardians of the Netherworld

Nár, The Deadman:
The 'Lost' Constellation

Serpens Caput:
The Head of the Serpent

Loki's Daughter

The Blue Star Vega

Völuspá 45:
Odin Speaks with Mimir's Head

Three Roots on Three Ways
Yggdrasil and the Milky Way

The Milky Way
Irung's Way and Irung's Wall

The Milky Way
The Watlings Street and the Vaði myth


The Birth and Death of Sigurd
The Solar Hero

The Snakepit, the Harp and Högni's Heart

The Forging of the Sword of Mimung

Dragons and Dwarves
and the Guardians of the Nibelung Hoard

Völund's Son, Vidga 

Vidar and Vali
The Wolf and the Vé

Germanic Variants of
The Scorpio and Orion Myth


Additional Resources:

Dr. Christopher E. Johnsen's




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The Works of  Ernst Christian Trautvetter
[in German/auf Deutsch]

Sterndeutige Aufschluesse über die altdeutschen Heldensagen
(Astronomical Revelations in the Old-Germanic Heroic Sagas)

Asciburg oder die germanischen Goetter und Heldenbilder
des Tacitus und der Edda als Sternbild dargestellt

(Asciburg or the Germanic Images of Gods and Heroes
in Tacitus and in the Edda Depicted as Constellations)

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