The Earliest Representations of
Old Norse Gods
Mythological and Religious


For Additional Prehistoric Art See:
The Kivik King's Grave
and Stone Age Rock Carvings
The Iconography of Óðinn
by Joshua Rood
The Finnestorp Fibula
Odin at Mimir's Well
The Oseberg Tapestry
Selected Images


of the Bronze and Iron Ages
While such objects cannot be positively identifed, scholars have made tenative identifications. 
My thanks to those who have contributed.
Eyrarland, Iceland
Discovered 1815 
Rällinge, Sweden
Discovered 1904

Freyja Amulet
Aska in Hagebyhöga parish
Östergötland, Sweden


Odin on Hlidskjalf
Lerje, Denmark


Tissø, Denmark
Iron Age

Valkyrie conducting a fallen warrior
Tissø, Denmark
Iron Age

Freyja Amulet
Danish National Museum

Thor's Goats
Tissø, Denmark
Iron Age

Human figure on wheel
Bronze bed Support
Hochdorf, Germany
6th century BC

 Man with horned helmet
and woman with cord skirt

Grevensvænge, Zealand, Denmark
Bronze Age
Female figure
Kalleby, Timmele parish,
Västergötland, Sweden
Bronze Age
Female figurine wearing cord skirt
Fårdal near Viborg, Jutland, Denmark
 Bronze Age

Odin and Ravens
9th-10th century AD
Hammond, B. British Artefacts vol.2
Middle Saxon & Viking

The Alcis or Twins Horse Collar
Fogdarp in Scania, Sweden, 

Late Bronze Age

Man with Drinking horn
800 AD

Frigg or Valkyrie
 Tuna, Alsike, Uppland, Sweden
Woman with Drinking Horn
Öland, Köping, Sweden
Bronze Figure
Western Norway
Freya amulet
Revninge, Denmark 
Suffolk, England
Thumb-sized 3-D Valkyrie Figurine
Hårby, Denmark

Völund the Smith wearing his feather guise 
Uppåkra, Skåne, Sweden
7th to 10th century
Dagenheim Idol
England, 2459 - 2110 BC

Loshult, Skåne, Sweden
 Lindby, Skåne, Sweden

Odin Figure
Uppåkra, Skåne, Sweden

 Odin Figure
Levide, Gotland, Sweden

Odin Figure
Staraya Ladoga, Russia

Bronze idol from

Chernaya Mogila, Ukraine 
Thor, Amber Figure
Probably a Chessman
Feddet, Zealand, Denmark
Thor the Wind-Raiser
Whalebone idol from
Lund, Skåne, Sweden

Male Figure
Gamla Uppsala
660-750 AD

6th c. wooden idol  (2 views)
from Rude Eskildstrup, Sjællund, Denmark
found in 1880
6th century gold idol
Slipshavn skog,
Nyborg, Denmark
Discovered 1981
  Vendel Bronze Figure  Kungsängen, Uppland  Iron Age


Three male figurines
Lunda, Sörmland, Sweden.
Iron Age

Female figurines
Skåne, Blekinge and Västergötland, Sweden
Bronze age

Vikso Helmets, Veksoe-bog, Denmark
Late Bronze Age (800-400 BC)

6th C. Helmet matrix
Bjornhouda, Torslunda parish, Oland

Foerlev Nymølle, Denmark
Wooden figure over 9' tall found lying under a bed of flax  atop a heap of stones, together with bones from an ox, goat, sheep, dog, horse and hare, and a damaged human scapula. Her gender is emphasised by carved rounding of the hips and an incision where the fork begans.  

Rebild Skovhuse, Denmark
Discovered 1946
wrapped in cloth

Freyr Wooden Idol
Broddenbjerg, Jutland (535-520 BC)
Discovered 1880


Freyr and Freyja Wooden Idols
Oberdorla, Thuringia, Germany

Freyr and Freyja
5th century pairs of male and female wooden idols
Wittemoor Timber Trackway
, Berne, Lower Saxony
Female Figure
wearing cord skirt

Sacrifical Knife Handle
Itzehoe in Holstein
 Braak Bog Figures
Germany (2nd-3rd Century BC)
Discovered 1947 
Ballachulish Goddess
Oak Female figure
with quartz pebble eyes
Argyll, Scotland (730-520 AD)
Discovered 1880
Male Figure
Odense, Funen, Denmark  
Iron Age
 Rögubben, "Red Chap"
1st recorded in the 14th century Östgoterland
Stone Phallus
Tylön, Halmstad, Halland  


 Trundholm Sun-Chariot, Denmark 
1800-1600 BC
Discovered 1902

The Sky-Disc of Nebra
Nebra, Saxony-Anhalt, Germany
c. 1600 BC
Discovered 1999

Ribe, Jylland, Denmark
It has been deliberately damaged in one eye

Sutton Hoo Purse Lid
One eye has been removed

Tjängvide image stone
Odin on Sleipnir
at Valhalla on a Memorial Stone

Vendel Royal Helmet Plate (900 AD)
Odin and his ravens

Fenrir swallowing Odin with Raven
(Top Right)
Thorwald's Cross,

Andreas, Isle of Man  
Gosforth Cross
Various Mythological Scenes
(See vignettes in surrounding images)

Gosforth Cross
Vidar battling Fenrir

Loki and Sigyn
The Gosforth Cross

Loki in Chains
Kirkby Stephen in Westmoreland


Loki with his lips sewn shut
On a hearthstone called the Snaptun Stone,
Recovered in Denmark and on display at the Moesgard Museum

Odin (in eagle guise), Gunnlöd and Suttung
Götlands Bildsteine

Runestone G 81, Sweden
A Religious Scene: The three figures at the top have been identified as Thor, Odin and Freyr. 

Reproductions of the Gallehus Horns found in Denmark
The Horns may depict mythic scenes, note the three-headed figure in the 2nd panel down on the left
and figures with animal heads or bodies in the 3rd panel down on the right.

 Evidence for Thor's fishing expedition on four Viking Age pictorial stones:

Andre VIII stone (8th century)

Hørdum stone (8th - 11th century)

Gosforth Cross (10th century)

Altuna stone (early 11th century)

The Oseberg Tapestry
c. 834 AD, part of the
Textiles of the Oseberg Ship grave
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A Religious Wagon Procession

A Modern Reconstruction of the Large Tapestry
by Mary Storm, 1940.


Sacrificial Tree with hanging Human Sacrifices

One of two so-called "Buddha" figures found
on a bucket in the Oseberg Ship find

The Franks' Casket
(10th century)

Scenes from the legend of Völund the Smith and his brother Egil the Archer

Men attack Egil's house as he defends a woman (his wife?) inside.
The name "Egil" is written in runes above the archer.


Skog Church Tapestry 12th Century
Figures identified as Thor (center, with hammer), Odin and Freyr

The Lewis Chessmen
12th Century
Discovered 1831 on the Isle of Lewis in the Outer Hebrides, Scotland
Hegge Stav Church Pillar
13th Century

For a List of Surviving Stave Churches
see VisitNorway

Heddel Stave Church
Telemark, Norway
Early 13th century

Borgund Stave Church