Themes in Old Norse Mythological Art
Through Time and Space
Also See: The Nine Worlds of Norse Mythology

The Yggdrasil Chronicle: Historic Conceptions of the World-Tree


Snorri's Edda, Gylfaginning 15-16: "Where is the chief abode or holy place of the gods?" Hárr answered: 'That is at the Ash of Yggdrasill; there the gods must give judgment everyday.  ...The Ash is greatest of all trees and best: its limbs spread out over all the world and stand above heaven. Three roots of the tree uphold it and stand exceeding broad: one is among the Æsir; another among the Rime-Giants, in that place where aforetime was the Yawning Void; the third stands over Niflheim, and under that root is Hvergelmir, and Nídhöggr gnaws the root from below...  Much is to be told of it. An eagle sits in the limbs of the Ash, and he has understanding of many a thing; and between his eyes sits the hawk that is called Vedrfölnir. The squirrel called Ratatöskr runs up and down the length of the Ash, bearing envious words between the eagle and Nídhöggr; and four harts run in the limbs of the Ash and bite the leaves. They are called thus: Dáinn, Dvalinn, Duneyrr, Durathrór. Moreover, so many serpents are in Hvergelmir with Nídhöggr, that no tongue can tell them."
  1680 Edda Oblongata

1825 Finnur Magnússon
Eddalæren og dens Oprindelse, Vol. 3

1829 Gustav. T. Legis
Fundgruben des Alten Nordens

1845 Ortega
Author: Patricio de la Escosura
Manual de Mitología

1847 Paul Henri Mallet
Northern Antiquities

  1864 Karl Simrock
Die Edda

1865 Ludwig Berger
The Norns under Yggdrassil

  1871 Louis Huard
The Heroes of Asgard

1882 Wilhelm Wägner/Jakob Nover 
Nordisch-Germanische Götter und Helden
1885 Frederich Wilhelm Heine
Nordisch-Germanische Götter und Helden

1886 Viktor Rydberg
Undersökningar i Germanisk Mytologi
(Tr. 1889 Teutonic Mythology)
I. Based on the References in the Poetic Edda

II. A Logical Representation of the Description in the Prose Edda

1895 Lorenz Frølich
Den Ældre Eddas Gudesange

1897  Ernst Hermann Walther

1898 Carla Wenckebach

1899 Mary E. Litchfield
The Nine Worlds

1905 Ida Hedwig Schlender

1933 Revold Axel

1950 Steele Savage
Adventures with the Giants
Author: Catharine F. Sellew

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Gods of the North 
 1967 Ingri and Edgar d'Aulaire
D'Aulaires' Norse Gods and Giants

1969 Paul B. Taylor and W. H. Auden
The Elder Edda

1988 Kevin Crossley-Holland
The Norse Myths


1988 Marvel Comics
The Mighty Thor Series

1998 Eysteinn Björnsson
Hrafnagaldur Óðinns

  2001 Nicky Page

2003 Frances Melville
The Book of Runes

  2003 Christopher Abram  
Representations of the Pagan Afterlife  in Medieval Scandinavian Literature

2004 Elías Snæland Jónsson
2007 Miquel Coimbra

2007 Joanne Harris
  2011 Dietwald Doblies
Germanische Sagen

2011 Tome of Acturus Game


2014 Christina Balit
2015 National Geographic's  Treasury of Norse Mythology

  2017 Howard David Johnson
Ratatosk talks to the Eagle atop Yggdrassil


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Sol Hrafns

Also See: The Nine Worlds of Norse Mythology