Themes in Old Norse
Mythological Art

Historical Images of
Mythic Themes Through Time


The Iconography of Odin

Odin Enthroned

Odin and Mimir

Sleipnir, Odin's Eight-Legged Horse

Freyja and her Necklace Brisingamen

Holy Cats! Freyja and her Chariot

The Fair Face of Freyr
Heimdall: The Watchman of the Gods

The Bifrost Bridge

Loki Cuts Sif's Hair

Loki and His Children

Loki's Other Half: The Giantess Angrboda

Thor and the Midgard Serpent

Rolling Thunder: Thor's Chariot

  The Capture and Punishment of Loki

Visions of Yggdrassil

The Yggdrasil Chronicle


Freyja, The Goddess of Love and Beauty
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