Themes in Old Norse Mythological Art
Odin at Mimir's Well
  Snorri's Edda, Gylfaginning 15: Under the second root, which extends to the frost-giants, is the well of Mimer, wherein knowledge and wisdom are concealed. The owner of the well named Mimer. He is full of wisdom, for he drinks from the well with the Gjallar-horn. Alfather once came there and asked for a drink from the well, but he did not get it before he left one of his eyes as a pledge.

Heimskringla, Ynglingasaga ch. 4: Now Odin attacked the Vanir with an army, but they defended their land, and now one, now the other prevailed; either harried the land of the other and brought harm thereon; but when at last they grew tired of doing so, they called a meeting of truce between them, and made peace and delivered hostages one to the other; and the Vanir gave their noblest men, Niord the Wealthy and his son Frey, but the Aesir gave in return him who was called Hoenir, and said that he was well meet to be lord; a big man he was, and handsome to behold. With him the Aesir sent a man named Mimir, the wisest of men, but the Vanir in return him of the best wits in their company, Kvasir by name. But when Hoenir came to Vanheim, then was he straightly made a lord, and Mimir taught him all good counsel. But when Hoenir was in his place at Things, or assemblies, and it happened that Mimir was not near him, and there came before him any hard matter, ever would he answer: "Let others decide!" Then the Vanir didn't doubt that the As-folk had beguiled them in the exchange of hostages, and they took Mimir and cut his throat, and sent the head to the Aesir: then Odin took the head, and smeared it with herbs that it might not rot, and sang words of wizardry thereover, and gave it such might that it spake to him and told him many hidden matters.

Odin with Mimir's Head (Top Center)
1822 N.H. Sjöberg


Mimir and Odin
1881 E. Phillip Fleischer

Odin Listens to Mimir's Head
1885 Lorenz Frølich

The Death of Mimir
1893 G.P.

Author: Frederik Sander


Odin at the Brook of Mim
J.A.J. Brindley

Odin Questions Mimir
1905 Carl Emil Doepler, Jr.

Odin Hangs on the World-Tree

Odin at Mimir's Well
1906 George Hamilton Frye

1911 John Bauer

Odin at Mimir's Well
1912 Herbert E. Martini

Odin and Mimir's Head
2006 Sam Flegal

Odin and Mimir's Head
2015 Christina Balit

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