Lorenz Frølich
Den Ældre Eddas Gudesange
by Karl Gjellerup

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"Strife and Hate to the Aesir's Sons I bear."

"Of horse and rings Bragi, thou shalt ever be in want!"


Loki and Odin become Blood Brothers

"Mad thou art Loki, recounting your foul misdeeds!"



"Shut up Frey, I know, you gave your sword for Gymir's daughter"


Loki put to flight

The dwarf Alvis woos Thor's daughter, Thrud

Thor questions Alvis

Skirnir's Ride

Skirnir and Gerd

Gerd Refuses Frey's Gifts

"Þurs I cut for thee, and  three more staves:
ergi, and oenði, and oÞola."

Skirnir Curses Gerd

"Tell me Skirnir, what you accomplished in Jötunheim!"
I: Grougaldur

"Go find Menglad"

"Sing to me songs which are good. Mother protect thy son!"
II: Fjölsvinnsmál

"What monster is this standing before the gate?"

Menglad and her Maidens

"Hear Menglad, a man has come hither, I think it must be Svipdag!"

"Now it is certain that we shall pass our lives together."

On green-ways walked the powerful, upright god— the strong and mighty Rig.

Rig-Heimdall arrives at Ai and Edda's home

Young Thrall carries wood home

Thrall takes a wife

Rig went on and came to a house owned by Afi and Amma.
He counseled them both

Young Karl tames oxen

Karl makes a plough

Karl builds a house
Rig went hence and came to a hall.
Within, a couple sat facing each other, Modir and Fadir.

To the table she brought, on platters adorned with silver,
game, pork and roasted foul.

Modir bore a boy. They wrapped him in silk, and
sprinkled him with water, and named him Jarl.

From out of the forest came Rig walking.
He taught him runes and called him his son.


Jarl finds a wife.

Jarl conquered lands.
He distributed riches, gave treasures and precious things.

Jarl's progeny grew up, broke horses and cut arrows.

Young Kon contended with Rig Jarl in runes

He knew the speech of birds

Heimdall sanctified the 3 castes:
Jarls, Karls and Thralls



Freyja's Lover, Ottar


"Awake, Maid of maids! Wake my friend! Hyndla, sister, who dwells in the cavern!"

 "Fire I strike over you, dweller of the wood! So that you shall not ever go hence."
The Short Völuspá

Baldur pierced with an arrow

Baldur's Pyre

The End

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