Benjamin Thorpe
with the assistance of Elise C. Otté
Edda Sæmundar hinns Froða
The Edda Of Sæmund The Learned

From The Old Norse or Icelandic with

A Mythological Index (Part I)

and an Index of Persons and Places (Part II)

The author's original notes have been restored to the text.    


Part I


Introduction to the Voluspa
Völuspâ: The Vala´s Prophecy

VafÞrúðnismál The Lay of Vafthrúdnir

Grimnismál The Lay of Grimnir

Hrafnagaldr Odins: Odin’s Ravens’ Song

Vegtamskvida eða Baldrs Draumar:
The Lay of Vegtam or Baldr's Dreams

Hávamál: The High One's Lay
Runatalsþáttr Oðins: Odin's Rune Song

Hymiskviða: The Lay of Hymir

ThrymskviÞa eðr Hamarsheimt:
The Lay of Thrym or the Hammer recovered

Alvíssmál: The Lay of the Dwarf Alvis

Harbarðslióð: The Lay of Harbard

For Skirnis eðr Skirnismál:
The Journey or Lay of Skirnir

 Rígsmál: The Lay of Rig

Ægisdrekka, eða Lokasenna, eða Lokaglepsa
Ægir's Compotation or Loki's Altercation

Fiölsvinnsmál: The Lay of Fiölsvith

Hyndlulíoð: The Lay of Hyndla

Gróugaldr: The Incantation of Grôa

Solarlíoð: The Song of the Sun
Mythological Index


Part II


Völundarkviða: The Lay of Völund

 HelgakviÞa Hiörvarðs Sonar:
The Lay of Helgi Hiörvard's son

 Helgakviða Hundingsbana Fyrri:
The First Lay of Helgi Hundingcide

 Helgakviða Hundingsbana Önnur:
The Second Lay of Helgi Hundingcide

 Sinfiötalok: Sinfiöti's end

SigurÞarkviða Fafnisbana Fyrsta eða Gripisspa:
The First Lay of Sigurd Fafnicide or Gripir's Prophecy

SigurÞarkviða Fafnisbana Önnur:
The Second Lay of Sigurd Fafnicide

Fafnismal: The Lay of Fafnir

Sigrdrîfumâl: The Lay of Sigrdrifa

Fragments of the Lays of Sigurd and Brynhild

SigurÞarkviða Fafnisbana Þriðja:
The Third Lay of Sigurd Fafnicide

Brot af Brynhildarkviða: Fragments of the Lay of Brynhild
Guðrunarkviða Fyrsta: The First Lay of Gudrûn

Helreið Brynhildar; Byrnhild's Hel-ride

Drap Niflunga: The Slaughter of the Niflungs

Guðrunarkviða Önnur: The Second Lay of Gudrûn

GuÞrunarkviða Þriðja: The Third Lay of Gudrûn

Oddrunargratr: Oddrûn's Lament

Atlakviða: The Lay of Atli

Atlamal in Groenlenzku: The Grœnland Lay of Atli

Guðrunarhvöt: Gudrûn's Incitement

Hamðismal: The Lay of Hamdir

Gunnars Slagr: Gunnar's Melody

Grottasöngr: The Lay of Grôtti or the Mill-Song
Index of Persons and Places

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