by William P. Reaves
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 Cover Art by Howard David Johnson © 2016
 The First Definitive Study of Odin's Wife Frigg
 For more than a millennium, the people of Northern Europe venerated an Earth goddess, which evidence attests is the oldest known Germanic deity. Called by a number of names, when the accounts are compared, common traits emerge. During Yule, she rides among her people in a wagon inspecting homes, rewarding the industrious and punishing the lazy. With her husband, she leads the fearsome Wild Hunt, riding through the winter skies, cleansing the air of evil. Most often identified as Odin’s wife, the ancients called her "Mother Earth", “Queen of Heaven”, and the "Mother of the Gods", roles firmly rooted in her Indo-European pedigree. Only now can the full scope of her reign be revealed. Presenting an in-depth study of Mother Earth in Germanic mythology and folklore from prehistoric times to the present day, with an emphasis on the primary sources of our mythic knowledge.
Table of Contents
    Introduction 3
I.  The Prehistoric Context 13 
II. Nerthus, that is, Mother Earth 45
 III.  The Anglo-Saxon Æcerbót 81
IV. The Frau Holle Legends 89
V. Odin, the All-Father 137
VI. The Wild Hunt 189
VII. Frigg, Odin’s Wife 203
VIII. Frigg, Baldur’s Mother 215
IX. Jörd, Thor’s Mother 231
X. The Mother of the Gods 247
  Conclusion 295
  360 pages containing over 100 Illustrations and 2 Maps   
  Appendix A: Erce, Erce, Erce, eorþan modor
          The Text of the Anglo-Saxon Æcerbót
Bonus Chapter:  Appendix B:  Frigg’s Son, Baldur         327
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Available in Paperback and Kindle on Amazon.com
All Chapters have been Revised and Expanded for the 2018 Print Edition  
Based on the Original Map presented in

 Frau Holle, Frau Percht und Verwandte Gestalten
Frau Holle, Frau Percht, and Related Figures
Erika Timm, 2003.
   The Temple at Old Uppsala  
The Wild Hunt 
The Cult of  Freyr and Freyja    
   Frau Holle & Crooked Jakob:
A Bavarian Legend
A Rose by any Other Name:
Earth Kennings
The Perchtan Dancers of Salzburg
An Eyewitness Account 1907
  Frau Holle (2010) Frigg of the Vanir (2010) Frigg, Odin's Wife (2010)
  The Prehistoric Context (2010)
Nerthus, that is, Mother Earth (2010)

Frigg, Baldur's Mother (2010)
 Óðins kván
œr á Jarðar skipi,
móðug á munað;
 Óðin's Wife
ows in Earth's ship,
eager after pleasures;