Viktor Rydberg's
Investigations into Germanic Mythology, Vol. I
Undersökningar i Germanisk Mytologi, första delen, 1886
A Revised English Translation with Annotation
William P. Reaves ©2010
  Table of Contents
Chapters 1-95 are working draft copies with annotations.
Chapters 96-123 are fully annotated, finished copies.



A working translation based on Anderson's text,
annotated in light of recent scholarship with modern references

I. The Myth of the Primeval Era and the Migrations

(A) The Ancient Indo-Europeans [Aryans]
Chapters 1-6
[.pdf file]
1. The Words German and Germanic
2. The Indo-European Family of Language
3. Hypothesis of Asiatic Origin of the Indo-Europeans
4. Hypothesis of European Origin of the Indo-Europeans
5. The Indo-European Land of Europe  

(B) Ancient Germania

6. The Stone Age of Prehistoric Germania


(A) The Learned Saga in Regard to the Emigration From Troy-Asgard
Chapters 7-14 [.pdf file]
7. The Saga in Heimskringla and the Prose Edda
   8. The Troy Saga and Prose Edda
   9. Saxo’s Relation to the Story of Troy
 10. Older Periods of the Troy Saga
 11. Story of the Origin of Trojan Descent of the Franks
 12. Odin as Leader of the Trojan Emigration
 13. Materials of the Icelandic Troy Saga
 14. Result of Foregoing Investigations

(B) Popular Traditions of the Middle Ages
Chapters 15-19 [.pdf file]
15. The Longobardian Migration Saga
 16. Saxon and Swabian Migration Saga
 17. The Frankish Migration Saga
18. Migration Saga of the Burgundians
19. Teutonic Emigration Saga


Chapters 20-43 [.pdf file]

20. Myths Concerning the Creation of Man
 21. Scef, the Original Patriarch
 22. Borgar-Skjold, the Second Patriarch
 23. Halfdan, the Third Patriarch
 24. Halfdan’s Enmity with Orvandel and Svipdag
 25. Halfdan’s Identity with Mannus
26. Sacred Runes Learned from Heimdal
 27. Sorcery, the Reverse of Sacred Runes
 28a. Heimdall and the Sun Goddess
 28b. Loki Causes Enmity Between Gods and Creators
29. Halfdan Identical with Helgi
30. The End of the Age of Peace
31. Halfdan’s Character. The Weapon-Myth
32. War with the Heroes from Svarin’s Mound
33. Review of the Svipdag Myth
34. The World-War and its Causes
35. Myth Concerning the Sword Guardian
36. Breach Between Asas Vans. Siege of Asgard
37. Significance of the World-War
38. The War in Midgard. Hadding’s Adventures
39. Position of the Divine Clans to the Warriors
40. Hadding’s Defeat
41. Loki’s Punishment
42. Original Model of the Bravalla Battle
43. The Dieterich Saga


Chapters 44-95 [.pdf file]

44. Myth in Regard to the Lower World

 45. Gudmund, King of the Glittering Plains
 46. Ruler of the Lower World
 47. Fjallerus and Hadingus in the Low World
 48. A Frisian Saga, Adam of Bremen
 49. Odainsaker and the Glittering Plains
 50. Identification of Odainsaker
 51. Gudmund’s Identity with Mimir
 52. Mimir’s Grove
53. Myth in Regard to the Lower World
 54. Myth Concerning Mimir’s Grove
 55. Mimir’s Grove and Regeneration of the World
 56. Gylfaginning’s Cosmography
 57. The Word Hel in Linguistic Usage
 58. The Word Hel in Vegtamskvida and in Vafthrudnismal
 59. Border Mountain Between Hel and Niflhel
 60. Description of Niflhel
 61. Who the Inhabitants of Hel are
 62. The Classes of Beings in Hel
 63. The Kingdom of Death
 64. Valkyries, Psycho-messengers of Diseases
 65. The Way of Those who Fall by the Sword
 66. Risting with the Spear-point
 67. Loki’s Daughter, Hel
 68. Way to Hades Common to the Dead
  69. The Doom of the Dead
 70. Speech-Runes Ords Tírr Námæli
 71. The Looks of the Thingstead
 72. The Hades Drink
 73. The Hades Horn Embellished with Serpents
 74. The Lot of the Blessed
 75. Arrival at the Na-gates
 76. The Places of Punishment
 77. The Hall in Nastrands
 78. Loke’s Cave of Punishment

 79. The Great World-Mill
 80. The World-Mill
 81. The World-Mill makes the Constellations Revolve
 82. Origin of the Sacred Fire
 83. Mundilfore’s Identity with Lodur
 84. Nat, Mother of the Gods
 85. Narfi, Nat’s Father
 86. Giant Clans Descended from Ymer
 87. Identity of Mimer and Nidhad
 88. Review of Mimer’s Names and Epithets
 89. The Mead Myth
 90. The Moon and the Mead
 91. Myths of the Moon-God
 92. The Moon-Dis Nanna
 93. Cosmographic Review
 94. Story of the Seven Sleepers
 95. The Anthropology of the Mythology


A new translation, fully annotated with modern references

Chapters 96-100 [.pdf file]
96. Svipdag and Groa 
97. Menglad’s Identity with Freyja
98. The Sword of Revenge
99. Örvandel, the Star-Hero
100. Svipdag Identical with Otharus

Chapters 101-109
[.pdf file]
101. Svipdag in Saxo’s Account of Hotherus
102. Ericus Disertus in Saxo
103. The Svipdag Synonym Eirikr
104. Later Fortunes of the Völund Sword
105. The Svipdag Epithet “Skirnir”
106. Transformation and Death of Svipdag
107. Reminiscences of the Svipdag Myth
108. Orvandel, Egil and Ebbo
109. Frey Fostered in the Home of Orvandel

Chapters 110-113 [.pdf file]
110. Ivaldi, Svipdag’s Grandfather
111. Parallel Myths in Rigveda
112. Judgment Passed on the Ivalde Sons
113. Ölvaldi and Ivaldi Sons Identical

Chapters 114-123
[.pdf file]
114. A Review of Thorsdrapa
115. Of Völund’s Identity with Thjassi
116. The Worst Deed of Revenge
117. the Guard at Hvergelmer and the Elivagar
118. Slagfin, Egil, and Völund
119. The Niflung Hoard Left by Völund
120. Slagfin-Gjuki a Star-Hero
121. Slagfin’s Appearance in the Moon Myth
122. Review of the Synonyms of Ivaldi’s Sons
123. Ivaldi

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